About Us

Hello and welcome to Backyard Birds Australia. Please feel free to look around our website and view our online aviaries and research topics on our experiences with owning and breeding birds. We also have a ‘For Sale’ section we generally have something for sale all year round.

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This site is run by Mark and Heather we are Private Breeders of Australian and Foreign parrots and we are located in the Western Sydney area. We have both been breeding birds now for several years and we both started out breeding budgies among other animals and owning any type of pet we could convince our parents to buy us at the time.

15 to 20 years have past and our passion for parrots has grown, as well as our collection. Our current breeding stock include eclectus parrots, sun conures, alexandrines, lorikeets and cockatiels, housed over 25 suspended and 3 conventional aviaries.

We have extensive experience in hand raising birds, from finches to the larger parrots. We spoon feed, syringe and crop feed our young, and all of our hand raising equipment is kept to the highest possible hygiene standard to ensure that our baby birds do not pick up diseases and to avoid any possible health risk.

Generally we pull our baby birds out of the nest at 2-3 weeks of age unless we have no choice, however we do try to keep the young with their parents for the first few weeks so that they receive the vital nutrients and minerals they need.

We have a keen interest in bird behavior from breeding aspect and pet suitability aspect. We are currently in the stages of developing our own strategies and other well known strategies in behavior management of parrots.

We aim together to provide a wealth of knowledge and supply new bird owners with a healthy reared bird/s which are suitably socialised for the individual owner.

We are current members to the Parrot Society of Australia (NSW). We are heavily involved in the society, we help produce club magazine and we also manage the club website.