How To Clean Your Chicken Coop

clean coop

Chickens are messy critters and they leave their droppings anywhere they like. And when they feed there’s no table manners. The chicken feed is all over the place, often mixed up with droppings.

Did I mention they love to take dust baths? They do. This all accumulates to a smelly hen coop, especially in winter, when  they don’t get outside a lot. These are times that it’s vital to have a clean chicken coop (if only for 10 minutes). Want to learn how to build your chicken coop step by step ?

When to clean your coop

A thorough cleaning has to be done about twice a year. Depending on the size of your flock.  I advise to clean the feeders and waterers more often. Just take them out and wash with dish-washing soap.

Refreshing the hay and/or wood shavings should be done every two months, in winter every four to six weeks.

How to clean the chicken coop

Common sense really. Get the chickens outside in the run, sprinkle some grains or grit to lure them outside the coop when they’re reluctant to come out.

Remove the hay and shavings from the nesting boxes and floor and rinse the floor and walls with a mixture dish washing soap, bleach detergent and water.

2 parts bleach1 part dish washing soap30-40 parts water

After scrubbing spray water over the walls , floor and nesting area to remove any soap and bleach residue. Wait until all is dry and then put fresh hay and/or wood shavings in the coop and nesting boxes.

Tip – Use the droppings as a fertilizer in your garden. Or add them to the compost heap if you have one.

Also, it is a good thing to have a removable plastic or aluminum plate on the floor of your coop to make cleaning easier.

I discovered this video on You Tube recently that shows a very easy-to-clean coop design. I would love to have the exact plans for that.  Enjoy!